Changes to KS2 SATs- let’s replace tests with...tests!  Everyone loves a good test- and remember the enormous value of feedback vs. testing... An article on the Guardian website today boldly declares, “Sats tests must improve, says review”. The essence of the story is that, “Exams for 11-year-olds in England will be changed to prevent teachers drilling pupils to pass and to create greater fairness”. Less testing then? The BBC carry a more detailed article, and quote Lord Bew: Now that sounds great to me- less testing means more time for learning. I’m a tad concerned about the extra demands on KS2 teachers in terms of marking and summative assessment but a good Headteacher will mitigate for that? But read a bit further: Help me with this will you- Lord Bew acknowledges that there’s too much time wasted teaching to test, so what does he do? He gets rid of a test and introduces comprehensive teacher assessment- and then bungs in an extra test for good measure? I can picture question 1 of the new SATs KS2 Maths exam paper, “A learned fellow takes with one hand and adds with another- how big a waste of time are you left with?” I leave the final word to the BBC’s Angela Harrison, take from it what you will:
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