Dweck’s Mindset again- effort increases ability I explored Carol Dweck’s research into Mindset on this webpage. Dweck’s theory of Mindset evidences how people can be helped to recognize effort as a path to mastery, and that having such a growth mindset leads to higher achievement through a shift in the learner’s perception of and their approach to challenging tasks. Feedback as guidance to better understanding The seminal work by Black and William (1998) has led to the acceptance of assessment for learning strategies as being of central value in education. They are clear in their writing that the culture within the classroom has to shift in a specific direction for learners to benefit from feedback produced through AfL. In a similar vein to Dweck, Black and William recognize the negative impact that feedback about errors and omissions can have in traditional classrooms: Learners need to be trained to recognize that feedback is valuable, and that errors and omissions in work can be the focus of further effort that will lead to achievement gains. Much has been made about ‘Medal and Mission’ feedback: Medals: Great- these are brilliant aspects of your work! Missions: To do even better, you need to add..... The ideas expressed in the process success criteria link on this website is highly relevant in this context. The improvement targets phrased as missions should be sufficiently detailed and scaffolded to allow the learner to actually improve when they undertake them. Improvements Linked to this final point above, of critical and far too often neglected importance is to ensure that the learners act on the feedback provided. Time must be dedicated to learners ‘bridging the gap’ and making gains in their knowledge, skills and/or understanding. Feedback that suggests improvements that are never acted upon might as well be written in invisible ink.  
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