e-progress- better technology, but what about the learning? We saw on the e-learning introduction page that meta-analyses on computer assisted instruction produced an effect size of just d=0.37, and web based learning yielded a measly d=0.18. Surely these low impact scores just reflect many older studies when technology was limited- and more recent studies with contemporary IT resources, both in terms of hardware and software, would show much greater effects? Well, I would have thought so too, but, err... no. That’s not what the evidence says. Computer-assisted instruction over time Hattie provides us with a remarkable conclusion: Despite improvements in technology, no improvement in the effectiveness of learning over time are found when meta-studies of computer-based instruction are examined from 1970’s – 2006. (5,000 different studies on 4 million students): Maybe there’s been an improvement since? We all know that computers and the internet have progressed enormously in the last 5 years. Surely their impact on learning has too? Or not. A 2010 US study looked at more recent data, “The meta-analyses did not find differences in average effect size between studies published before 2004 (which might have used less sophisticated Web- based technologies than those available since) and studies published from 2004 onwards (possibly reflecting the more sophisticated graphics and animations or more complex instructional designs available).  There you have it then: We have an ever-improving e-platform for educating learners, but no evidence of us doing a better job in terms of enhancing achievement using computer-based learning in the last 30 years! Surely the answer is in defining (and evidencing) an effective e-pedagogy for using all of these great toys?
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