Isn’t it time that teaching caught up with medicine?  You wouldn’t accept your doctor treating you using guesswork, or using methods and techniques based on personal belief rather than peer- reviewed scientific evidence. Forget the myths of introducing a nice new uniform, of ‘fanciful’ school reforms, of matching learning styles or creating integrated curricula. It is long past the time that education caught up with the evidence-based practice of other professions. There is now a massive body of knowledge on what works (and what clearly doesn’t work) in the contexts of teaching and learning. We have an available framework of evidence for maximising the rate at which people learn. Look at this evidence from controlled studies of educational change, and base teaching practices on what really works. There is no justification for continuing to believe in educational equivalents of the tooth fairy.
Stop buying Snake Oil
Out of the Dark Ages? The key aim- an effective strategy for teaching without the Snake Oil. Accept that future historians will raise their eyebrows in disbelief when they look at key principles adopted in our education system today.
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We know how to enhance learning It’s not simply through yet another well-meaning yet simple programme of re-badging and re-branding of schools It’s not through subscription to ridiculous initiatives like Brain Gym or, dare I mention it, Learning Style analysis and matching. It’s not typically through changes in school leadership that learning becomes optimised in a school The evidence shows that it is teachers that matter, and the way in which they approach the presentation of knowledge and the development of concept construction in the minds of their learners.
So... So... examine the evidence So... adopt evidence-based methods So... enhance learning
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