Coffield et al (2004) are so critical of some popular learning style ‘checklists’ that they recommend that their use be discontinued in classrooms immediately:
Metastudy Findings Hattie makes it clear that producing a metastudy on the effect of matching style of learning is difficult- there is widespread evidence of poor study design, including the confusion of learning style with learning strategy. Hattie states that, “it is hard not to be sceptical about these learning preference claims”.
Learning strategies, yes; enjoying learning, yes; learning styles, no.
Hattie (2009)
Learning Styles is one particular area of education that really gets to me. There is nothing else that, when mentioned in a meeting or conference, makes me see red. A very thorough review of the validity of Learning Style methodologies has been provided by Coffield et al (2004) and you can download a copy from here. Coffield et al (2004) provide real gems on the reliability and probity of Learning Style assessments. Click the paragraphs below to get enlarged views.
Copious doses of Snake Oil via a misguided educational gravy train      
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