Motivation is powerful- demotivation by teachers too common  We all love a motivated student- better still a classroom full of motivated students. Motivation leads to enhanced achievement as shown in the achievement gauge below. Hattie’s effect size of d=0.48 is derived from 327 studies on more than 110,000 people. Hattie cites Dornyei’s book, Teaching and Researching Motivation (2001). Of particular importance is Dornyei’s view on the negative consequences of actions that reduce motivation- actions that are unfortunately still seen in some classrooms: o Public humiliation o Devastating test results o Conflicts with teachers o Conflict with peers Hattie highlights that it can take less effort to demotivate a student than the greater effort required to motivate them into rising to the challenge of learning. Demotivation can have a greater impact on a leaner than motivation- decreasing involvement in learning activities and making them reluctant to receive feedback on performance. The achievement gauge below shows Hattie’s reported effect size for motivation: Concentration and engagement Hattie (2009) reports a similar effect size for engagement, and links motivation to engagement stating that motivation leads to engagement with a learning activity. He puts in succinctly:  “It seems that achievement plus effort plus engagement are keys to success in school”. Finally Hattie warns against seeing a busy engaged class as one in which students are engaged in active learning. An engaged class that is actively learning is one that is following explicit learning goals, actively applying knowledge and creating constructs, and receiving and acting upon feedback on progress.  
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