WebQuests- guided research on the internet I will confess from the outset- I am a big fan of WebQuests. There is no doubt that there is so much fantastic stuff on the internet, the challenge is finding the bits that best suit your learning goals and  match the needs of your learners. This is where WebQuests can help. WebQuests are, “Inquiry- orientated activities in which the information that one needs can be found on pages on the internet that are linked to in the WebQuest” (Dodge, 1995). You can have a go at a WebQuest about WebQuests here! As I have previously summarised the average impact of web-based learning strategies on achievement is poor. Hattie (2009) awarded it a low effect size of d=0.18. Research into WebQuests is thin, with few empirical measurements of its effect on achievement. In their review, Abbit and Ophus (2008) make the following two statements about WebQuest research: WebQuests- searching for a measure of effectiveness I can find no metastudy on the effectiveness of WebQuests, which is quite remarkable given their ubiquity on the internet- you can access more than 2500 different WebQuests from this link alone. Individual studies on their effectiveness are hard to find too. Rong et al (2007) found an effect size of d=0.63. Segers et al (2010) report an effect size of d=1.36 when WebQuests are integrated within a clear instruction mode. (If you can provide any other references which investigate their impact on achievement then please contact me). You can find out more about what WebQuests are, the different elements that a WebQuest contains and a consideration of their pedagogy using the nav bar at the top of this page.
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